Thursday, January 24, 2008

Birthday Suit!

Ha ha! Made you look!
; )
I actually really wanted to show off my new vintage purse and gloves! Aren't they cute?!?! I need to get a dress with a poofy skirt to go with them but I was dying to wear them so I made do with some clothes I already own.

Here's a close up of the purse and gloves (that's my bracelet... the other one I got at the bridal show!). My skirt, although not poofy, was also lacey.

Yay for fun new outfits! Well... or at least fun new accessories that make you feel like it's a new outfit!

ps. The other really cool thing about the vintage gloves is that they actually fit my tiny little hands! Super yay for not having weird long fingered gloves that look strange on my hands! They musta had little hands in the old days... ; )


Elsa said...

I like the vintage accessories, but I really love the bracelet!

Elsa said...

P.S. I also have short fingers...which is probably because I'm short...almost 5'0"...almost :)

Tracy said...

Ooooh, thanks Elsa!
I'll have to get a shot of the ring too. It's pretty!

I have tiny hands AND feet... it's strange because I'm 5'6".
So I have to ask, what size shoe do you wear? Everyone I know that wears the same size as me is your height! : )

Elsa said...

I wear a shoe size of 6.5 - but it can vary between 6 and 7 depending on the shoe.

Tracy said...

hee hee... I wear a 6. I even have a few pairs that are 5.5!

I never realized my feet were small until high school when one of my friends commented that she wasn't sure how I didn't fall over.