Saturday, January 05, 2008


Here's an osprey at work:
And a chickadee on my patio:


Elsa said...

These photos are amazing!! What a great camera...and photographer, of course! :)

Tracy said...

I always used to say it didn't matter about the camera... it's the photog that counts. Now that I have a nice camera though it certainly helps! : )

Anonymous said...

I put the picture of the ospry on my desktop at work and everyone was asking about it, and I was telling them that my sister took the picture and how good a photographer she is and how you work at a national park service, and then they asked me what you do there and I said... ummm, business administration stuff.
Love you, sis!

Tracy said...

Joni, you are a riot!
I'm glad you like my photos : ) You need to start a blog with yours! You take better pictures than I do!!