Tuesday, January 01, 2008


So I went upstairs after the debaucle with losing my mega long post...
I watched the first 5 episodes of SATC and ate half a pint of Phish Food.
I feel better.
And now I've discovered the photo blog of an old college buddy. He was my photography pal and I miss having him around!
But I am very happy to have gotten my new camera and I look forward to "relearning" the art. Maybe I should make that my 2008 resolution.
Seriously, between the amazing photos I've seen on POTN and on Rob's site too... I really miss being able to take decent pictures. Not that I was ever that talented. But I enjoy it and that's what matters.

Okay... let's see if I can recap some of the lost blog posting.

I do believe that I referenced my Bridget Jones quote...
I don't smoke and all I had to drink last night was an orange soda. But I do so love that book.

Then I talked about last year's resolutions...
I had two:
Resolution One
I will be more environmentally conscious.
and the typical
Resolution Two
I am going to eat better, work out more, and lose weight.

As for one... I was actually pretty good at it.
I purchased ecobags... the system for one which came with two canvas bags, two produce bags, and a string bag. I actually remembered the bags most of the time and I didn't even care if the bag boy gave me funny looks.
I also bought a few of those twisty lightbulbs. One is in my closet and the other in my bedroom hallway. I'll eventually get more but I have to get used to the annoying little fact that they have to warm up before getting very bright. I like light.
And to top things off, I started an employee newsletter at work. And since it is my creation, I include a "green" section in each issue. Just tips or suggestions. Like Refill Not Landfill, a campaign to reduce disposable water bottle waste. And even though I recycled my water bottles, I now am the proud owner of a nalgene bottle that I use for my softball games or going to the gym.

Alright... speaking of the gym... resolution two.
I still don't go as often as I should. But I go sometimes?
And I was in physical therapy for many months to work on my bad (mid) back... the pain had spread to my neck so I figured it was time to do something about it.
My neck muscles were loose and my back muscles are tight and have a lot to carry. Durn small frame and big boobs. Wish I could just chop them off sometimes.
Anyway, haven't lost any weight... still 135. But haven't gained any either. Woohoo!
After the wedding I can try harder to lose weight... I want to maintain for now because my dress is a perfect fit!
And eating better? Well... yes, I suppose I am a bit. I don't have ice cream or happy meals all the time anymore. Chris and I like to grill things. And he got me a fabulous wok from Pampered Chef last year which I love to stir fry things in!

So. This year?
1. I want to be completely out of debt so I can get in debt with number 2.
2. Save for a new car/house/camera lens.

Now that I've basically gone over what I lost earlier... I'm going back to continue to watch SATC.
: )


Anonymous said...

At my grocery store, they've started selling these god-awful-looking reusable grocery bags that are about the size of a paper bag and they fold like a paper bag too. Anyway, I bought two back in November, and I love them! They were a dollar each, and I figured it was well worth it. Then I found out that each time I use them, I get a $.03 discount per bag! It isn't much, but at least they're rewarding those who are trying to be environmentally conscious.

Good luck on the eating better and working out. Thankfully, I don't have a problem with back pain with my jugs, but not so thankfully, it's probably because I have a bigger shoulder/back area.

Tracy said...

Yeah... Publix recently started selling those bags too but they seem really small. I forgot my canvas bags one time and I was going to buy some but Chris poo poo'ed the idea because we would have needed like 10!
I still think it's better than the plastic bags though.
And good for them giving a reward... maybe that'll get some of the penny pinchers in on it too!

Thanks! I'll need the luck : )
At least I found a Saturday morning Zumba class that I manage to make almost every week. And it's an hour and a half!!
I miss our yoga in the park outings though. Maybe you should come back to Jax! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Give it a couple years--I might be back. Just don't go moving between now and then!

The reusable bags my store has look deceptively small, but they hold a lot of stuff--way more than any plastic bag would hold. I bought two, and I've never needed more than that (I make short trips a few times a week).

Tracy said...

Maybe I'll have to try them assuming they are still there next time I forget my canvas bags. : )

I'll be here. Chris won't move.