Monday, April 28, 2008


Uni, Unice when she's in trouble or when I just feel like elongating her name, loves the tube my mom got her last summer. She's hard to take good pictures of because she's not allowed outside (except the patio... and then only if we are there too) and when the flash goes off inside, she squints. So here is my shot of her sans flash. Just close to the window and with a slow shutter speed. : )

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

hard work and frustration

So I'm in St. Augustine this week dogsitting for four pups. This means I have yet to bake something good for Katie, who is the only one to take me up on my previous blog entry. It also means that I have been able to do some practicing for my eventually business in pet photography. It's a lot of work. AND I'm about to lose my mind over this "error 99" I keep getting from my camera which causes me to lose half the pictures I try to take. Ugh. I've been doing some research on it but I've yet to fix the problem. : (
Anyway, here are some of the recent shots of the dogs. If you recognize them it is probably because they are the same four dogs that I always watch so I've posted shots before...

This is Kody (the cowardly lion...)

And Biscuit who reminds me of a black Apple for some reason...

Miss Macy has her nails painted hot pink!
So does Molly!
Kody is smilin'... and you can see me in his eyes if you look close. I like this one. I know no one is looking at me... but it gives me a certain vibe. Like the scene is Swingers that they steal from Reservoir Dogs... where they are all walking down the street... it gives me that vibe. I should try it in black and white...

I had more photos to upload but I keep getting errors and I'm tired. All four have to sleep in the bed with me... and it's not my bed so I wake up a lot anyway... it's been a long week. And it's not over yet!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Play It Forward

I "won" the cutest bag from Sue of Too Cute Pugs last week! I borrowed the picture so you guys can see how fun it is! And perfect for me because I hate plastic bags at the store so it will be much more exciting to have a cute canvas bag as opposed to the plain ones I have now!

Now it is my turn to think of something to offer to YOU!
I debated on offering up some photography... and then I thought about making some photography greeting cards. But I think in the end, I'll do something that more people would be interested in:
I love to bake! So the first three people to comment and let me know they want in on the game will get a goodie box of baked from scratch treats. Make sure to let me know if you can't eat something specific that might be an ingredient... like I have a friend who can't eat my fudge because I put marshmallow fluff in it which apparently has gelatin in it which is made from hooves (I think that's what she said?) and she's a vegan. Or if you are allergic to peanuts, I guess I shouldn't make my infamous peanut butter chocolate bars. But I promise whatever I make for you, it will be tasty!
And then YOU will have to Play It Forward! People do all kinds of things for their gifts... I've seen a lot of art (but I think I had found my way into an artists circle) but you can give whatever you want! : )

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dancing with the...


Chris and I had our first dance lesson last night at the Wedding Dance Studio. It was so fun!!! We are learning the Viennese Waltz... whew!

Our first class was with Tiffany, who will be our regular instructor, and Eddie, the owner. They were fabulous teachers and luckily we are picking things up fast. Chris was worried because he's not a big dancer... that's why we actually decided to take lessons. But he did great and he never even stepped on me or ran me into the wall!

We have our next lesson on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to it. I also love our first dance song... which I won't reveal just yet. But it is perfect for us! Chris says he might cry during the dance... hee hee. Oh... maybe I shouldn't laugh. ; )

On a different note, I also finally got my cake knife and server. I was having a hard time finding a set that I liked. Many of the simpler ones were really expensive. So I then saw one that was all crazy handmade with beaded handles... also expensive and a little more ornate than I thought I would get... but at least it was different. However, in the end, we decided against that one too. Then my sister found a very simple set at Crate and Barrel that was also extremely inexpensive! I think it's probably because it wasn't toted as a "wedding" cake server set. It's just a dessert serving set. My mom and my aunt both imformed me that they don't even remember what they used to cut the cake at their weddings... it's not really a big deal.
So I ordered the set from C&B and it came yesterday... and I really like it. Simple but pretty. And that's all I need.
Plus, maybe it will get used again. I do so love to bake!

Now I'm looking for a garter. I like this one. I think it will match the pale blue of my shoes. However, I like it enough to not want some guy to run off with it.
Is it wrong to throw it and then (discreetly) ask for it back? Or do I have to buy a second one to throw?
That seems a bit of a waste since who knows if we'll really end up doing the bouquet and garter tosses. Right now we think we will but I don't know that we really have many single people coming to the wedding... other than the little kids.

Off to work for the day...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Professor for President!

Vote for Professor!!
Okay... so it's not for president...
but it is in a photo contest. We entered him in funniest photo and in best buddies with Jake.
Go vote... maybe we'll win something!
: )

Blurry but...

it was good practice.
I really want to get shots of the monsters running through the grass. Professor is a lazy bones who doesn't run much but Apple is quite the spunky one!
I know these aren't that great but they made me laugh... and I'll just have to keep practicing! And one of these days I'll sit down with photoshop and do some playing... but my computer is being uber slow lately so I'm frustrated. I need a new one. Chris and I are thinking about getting one after the wedding with any money we might have left... or get as gifts. Then I can do more to make my photography a little snapier color wise... AND I'll post more often too because it won't take an hour to upload a picture!
Blah blah blah.

Yes, I'm aware that Professor's butt is in the shot. Like I said, I haven't been in photoshop lately because of the levels of stress it causes me when it goes so slow I want to go Office Space on my computer.

Eater bunny!!

On another note, my bridal shower is this weekend. Makes things seem a lot closer!!
: )

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Jake is my neighbor's dog. We run into her walking him once in awhile... and he's gorgeous! So I managed to get a few shots of him one afternoon:

Jake loves the ducks. Usually he's chasing them. He must have been worn out a bit:

Jake and Professor get along well...

But Apple runs away from him. Here she is looking concerned that he might be getting too close to her with all his running around:
I'm tired now so I'm gonna go get some sleep...
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Shampoo Man

Professor's bath:

He's such a smiler... it's funny. I don't know that he actually liked the bath since he kept trying to get out of the tub, yet he's got a grin on anyway. Perhaps Chris was rubbing a nice spot at the time...