Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is this the face of an old lady?

I'm actually only 32 and 11 months in the above photo taken with two of my many soon to be inherited by marriage nieces. But today, today I'm old. A whopping 33!


kitkat said...

Happy birthday, Tracy! If you're old, that doesn't bode well for me because I'm right behind you!

Bearette24 said...

Happy birthday! I will be 33 6 months from now. So you are not alone :)

Elsa said...

Happy belated Birthday, Tracy!!

33 is not old...and I can say that with authority since I'm 41.

Tracy said...

Katie, you are not right behind me... you are miles away!

Bearette, enjoy your final 6 months! One of my friends pointed out last night that Jesus was 33 when he died... lol!

Elsa, you mean there is life after 33??
I never would have guessed you were 41 from your lovely and cute bunny face!! : D

Elsa said...

Oh - thanks! I don't feel 41 and I certainly don't act it I'm sure that's why! :)