Sunday, February 22, 2009

The week in review...

This has been one crazy week!
First I want to show you the baby bib that I finished knitting! It is technically Thing Three... and it came out well IMO. It was very quick to make... it only took slow knitting beginner me a week!
I made sure to pick a machine washable yarn (who wants to hand wash a bib with food all over it??) and I found the cutest little button. The bib itself is adjustable since I made three button holes. : )

Monday, which was a Federal holiday so I had the day off, I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with a friend. On a side note, loved the movie... and have read the entire series of books! So anyway, totally unexpectedly, we got a call from the bank. They accepted the offer we put on a HOUSE! We are going to have a HOUSE! Look how cute it is:

AND it has a nice sized backyard for the dogs to run and play in! There is no house on one side of it because there is a preserve easement where they are not allowed to build so there are lots of trees! Yay!! We are supposed to close on March 9th... *fingers crossed*

And last, I started my new job.
I had been working for the National Park Service for almost four years but now I work for U.S. Fish and Wildlife. I'm still doing a lot of the same things but I get paid more and it's much closer to home. It was very hard for me to say goodbye to all my fabulous co-workers at Timucuan Preserve but I hope to make as many good friends at the new job too.
Now I have to figure out what to wear every morning... no more uniform!

ps. For those who checked out our Valentine's Day gift, Clementine has settled in quite nicely. Uni was pretty angry at first about the idea of another cat in the house and she spent the first few days staring and hissing and even swatting at her once in awhile. Now they have become buddies. They chase each other and wrestle and run through the cat tube we have in the living room. We have even caught them sleeping next to each other on the couch multiple times. Hooray!
Yes... I live in a zoo. All the more reason to be excited about the house!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-Day!

Want to see what Chris and I got each other? Click here!

ps. I finished knitting a baby bib! I'll take photos of it tomorrow before I give it to it's new home... : )
Now I'm working on a little knitted mousie!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Updates on the Things...

I finished Thing One! Last Wednesday, at the knitting meetup, Brenda showed me how to seam and make i-cord! My little GPS bag is so cute! And quite useful...
Here are some photos. As usual, they were taken with my phone. I've really become quite lazy lately. At least I pulled out the real camera this weekend... there was an otter in my pond! Woohoo! : )
Anyway, I digress.
Here they are for real:

And Thing Two? I finished a whole skein of yarn already and started a second... it's getting really long. I think I might just make it a regular scarf. I know I mentioned the Bainbridge scarf in my last post but then I realized that my scarf is way too wide...
Ah well... it's good practice! I've gotten to where I can watch tv and knit. As long as I don't care too much about the show...

Knitting group is meeting again tonight! Can't wait! I tried to teach myself to purl but I think that every once in awhile I do something weird so I end up with crossed yarn on my needle. Hmmm...

I'm dying to start on a toy. I got a book and there is a stripey snake that I might be able to do once I learn a couple more things... like purl and... increasing!
Will keep you up to date.

ps. Next blog post I'll write more about this... but I got a new job!