Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Next Blog"

So today I decided to push that button... the "next blog" button. To see what else was out there...

I discovered that there are a LOT of people writing in languages I don't understand.
I also discovered a blog in French which was an interesting test of what I could and could not remember from my four years spent learning the language.
And then I found a blog with a link to this.
I love the photo that goes with the article.
And I think that the opinion expressed in the article is also good... it took me back to my undergrad years and my photography classes.
So I'm sharing. If you are interested.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kingsley Heritage Celebration

The goal of the Kingsley Heritage Celebration is to help the local community explore cultural traditions found in modern American society that originated during the plantation period. One of the highlights was the Descendants’ Reunion on February 23, with music, genealogical presentations, storytelling, African dancing and drumming, and descendants reading their ancestors’ letters.
Every year I get to spend the day taking photos for the event and getting paid to do it! Imagine that!
So here are a few of my favorite shots from this year:

The day ended with a sunset performance at the Slave Quarters by the Tallahassee-based African Caribbean Dance Theatre. I took this before the performance while the group was getting ready behind the slave cabins. I did a bit of photoshopping on it, making the background black and white so that the drummer would stand out in his eye-popping red. Do you guys like it? Or is it kinda cheesy?
More photos from the actual performance follow.

This little girl was part of 100 Youth Inspirational Voices from the Stage Aurora Theatrical Company. I couldn't resist getting a few shots of her. She's not only super cute but she had her mouth open so wide while singing!!

Deborah Strahorn of the Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia was telling her stories in the barn. One of them was about a cat who kept changing colors until he finally realized that he liked the color he was supposed to be. After storytime, the kids got to pick different colored cats and decorate them. This little boy's cat was awesome... I love all the googly eyes!
These little girls were cute as can be too! Love the glittery cats!
KHC used to take place one weekend in October every year but this year it was moved to February. There was an event each Saturday leading up to the big deal on the 23rd. If you missed it this year, you should try to check it out next year! If you live in the area...

: )

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Because of the long weekend, my mom flew into town to help me with wedding stuff.
We printed invitations, envelopes, return address labels, rsvp cards, stickers to seal envelopes, hotel info cards... It was a lot of work. I thought we'd save a lot of money by doing our own (Chris drew the design we are using on everything) and we did... but it definitely didn't save time or frustration levels!
But the envelopes are stuffed and almost ready to go. There are a few addresses I still need to get and then I have to stamp all the outside envelopes but then they will be done! Woohoo! My goal is to have them in the mail by the end of February.

We also met with Amanda at Love at First Bite Cakery on Saturday. She was so super nice and very excited about our zoo theme. I also think she fell in love with our cake topper!
The wedding cake is going to be three tiers and... well, maybe I should wait until after the wedding to tell you. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise! Plus I know Scarlett will get FABU photos of it that I can share!
They are also going to do our groom's cake. I won't tell you what it is either but when I asked if she could do it, Chris about peed his pants and announced, "That is why that ring is on your finger!"

There was a lot more stuff that got done this weekend but I won't bore you with all the details. I will however share yet ANOTHER pair of shoes with you. I couldn't find them online in the correct color... but picture these in a very pale blue.

So I'm done shoe shopping... at least for wedding shoes. These are it. They are high enough... they are super cute on... I'll be able to wear them again after the wedding... and they are my something blue.

My something old is my mom's veil... that's old enough right? My parents' 36th wedding anniversary is right before the wedding...
And as for new... well, there is my dress and my shoes and my earrings and my necklace and... plenty of new.
Something borrowed... I borrowed the underskirt from my sister who borrowed it last year from her sister-in-law... so it's even TWICE borrowed.

Do you think I should get a lucky penny for my shoe?
My sister had one last year. It came in this hard plastic container thing a little bigger than a credit card. We couldn't figure out how to get it open so I went to work on it. I tried to break it with my hands first... no luck. I went to stomp on it and my sister freaked out. She didn't want me to break a heel right before we had to walk down the aisle.
So I did something even more stupid. I set it on the edge of a chair and pushed down with the heel of my hand. It cracked one side. Then I went to do it again but the edge I had just cracked sliced the entire inside of my wrist. I looked like I had tried to commit suicide! I had to wrap it all up... good thing we had elbow length gloves for her wedding!!
So I'm not sure a lucky penny in my shoe will be so lucky... unless I bleed on it again... but I'm not wearing gloves this time...
; )

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Naughty Monkey shoes...

were from and I'd like to give them a big shout out.

Thanks Zappos!

I ordered the blue and green shoes seen in my previous blog on Monday night... I got them yesterday. Yes, two days... not even!

AND, if they hadn't fit or I wasn't happy with them for ANY reason, I could go online and print out a return label. Let me be more specific: a PREPAID return label.

I did not get such good customer service with Bellissima... whose website proclaims they are the #1 site for bridal shoes. Let's just hope that once they get their shoes back, they credit me properly and do not charge a restocking fee. I feel that it's not my fault the shoes were poorly made and stained!

So kudos to Zappos! Love the speed and courtesy! I will definitely be ordering again... especially now that I've discovered shoes like these:

PS. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Durn shoes...

So you may have seen my post about my bridal shoes... the uber-cute round toe shoes with a "something blue" sole. The ones that cost an arm and a leg. But I figured that I would open the box and angels would sing. I would put the shoe on and it would be perfection.
(screeching sound of needle sliding across record here)
They arrived and I opened the box, peeled back the tissue, and took out the first plastic wrapped shoe. My first thought was that the heel was a little lower than I thought it would be. Not the end of the world but it caused a slight bit of worry because I really don't want to have to get my dress shortened. Then I noticed the bow and the edges of the material. They were a bit frayed. WHAT?!? THEN, I saw what appears to perhaps be GLUE stains? Yellow stains on the toe of my over $200 shoes???
So then I go to their website and see that I will be required to pay to send the shoes back AND I will be required to pay to have them send a new (exchanged) pair of shoes. I contact them and they tell me that they will reimburse me for the shipping if there really is a problem with the shoe. Okay, I can understand that. They don't want people wearing the shoes and then returning them... but then they tell me they won't get more in for 8 weeks! Too late for me... I have to take my dress in for alterations in the next couple weeks and it would be best if I was able to wear the actual shoes I plan to wear on the big day. They try to talk me into another pair that they say is the same but they weren't. They were UG-LY.
So now I'm going to be returning them and even though they normally charge a restocking fee, there BETTER not be one charged to me!
I'm not good at being mean to people... and I figure you usually get further by being nice... but I'll get mean if they mess with me this time!

Now I have to find a new pair of shoes. It took me forever to find the last pair. But my mom is coming into town to help me with things this weekend so maybe we'll go shopping at some point. In the meantime, I found these. I don't know how appropriate they really are but the brand, Naughty Monkey, cracks me up. Plus, my softball team is called the Drunken Monkeys. Chris drew our logo... and really, even though we had been talking online, we might not have met if I hadn't asked him to join the team. So now people always buy us monkey things...
I figure that people won't really be able to see my shoes under my dress...
What do you think?
They'd still be my something blue!!
AND, my wedding color is green...

And I also ordered these. I couldn't resist. I think I'm a shoeaholic. But look how fun they are! Now I just have to figure out what to wear with them...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's DONE!!!

And sooooo cute!!!

I went to Debbie Garrity's website and there it was on the front page!! She mailed it to me last week so hopefully I'll get to see it in person soon.

Look how cute it is!!!!

My mom is coming into town next weekend to help me with wedding stuff and one of our things on the list is a meeting with a bakery. I am excited to be able to show them what it looks like so the cake can be designed with it in mind. I wouldn't want them to not go together!

Ooooh! It's so cute! LOVE IT!

ps. I realized after I posted this that if you don't know a certain detail, you might not understand the cake topper... Chris and I are having our reception at the zoo!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I love shoes...

and I'm bored so I'm going to tell you about my latest shoe purchase.

Now understand that although I have many, many pairs of shoes... I don't tend to spend ungodly amounts of money on a single pair. I don't have any Manolo Blahniks and I couldn't put a down payment on a home via shoes and purses like Carrie Bradshaw (although I've also been on a purse buying binge lately as well and I wouldn't mind a pair of MB's).

These might now take the cake as my most expensive pair o' shoes:

Did you notice that the soles are blue?
They are Cynthia Rowley's Tinsel Bridal shoes and...
They are to be my "something blue" for my wedding!
I ordered them this weekend and they should be here by next week. I do so hope they don't kill my poor tiny feet.
And I figure if, after the wedding, I find that I don't have much occasion to wear white shoes... well, they are dyeable! So I can make them any color in the world! : )

Besides, my dad always said I shouldn't buy cheap shoes because you get what you pay for.
In this case, my feet better not hurt... because I paid with an arm and a leg!