Monday, January 21, 2008

Good and Bad

I have two rants today:

First of all, my car is old. It's a 1997 Honda Accord which I bought used (with cash!) in 2002. It's kinda cute in that it's a two door and has one of those little spoiler things on the back, giving it a fun silhouette. It's also a 5-speed, making it rather fun to drive... unless traffic is horrid. But the bad thing about the car is that the paint is coming off. It was black... but now it's ummm black and grey. I don't know if there was something bad in that batch, as I've seen other Accords that look similar, or if the previous owner did something mean to it. But it runs well despite it's age and the 140,000+ miles on it.
So I came out of the grocery store today and someone apparently figured my car didn't matter... that it was okay to slam their grocery cart into it's side and leave it there.
I hate when people don't return their carts as it is... so seeing it bashed into my car irked me extra.
That's all for rant #1. I've calmed down a bit... so it's not all that juicy.

Rant #2 could kinda be related to rant #1.
I use canvas bags at the grocery store. If I forget them, Publix now actually sells canvas bags as well. I've got a few : )
This weekend I came home from out and about... walked around to the back stairs which overlook the pond... and saw a plastic grocery bag floating in the water!!
So I stood there... staring at it... willing it to float closer so I could throw off my shoes and wade in after it despite the temperature being way too cold for that (I know, I'm in Florida but it was cold this weekend!)... until Chris came out of the house to see what I was doing.
First he teased me about it... then he made sure I knew I wasn't allowed to jump in the pond... then he helped me throw a couple sticks on the far side of it, attempting to get the waves to bring it closer.
Why do I care?
Ducks live in my pond.
And turtles.
And other things like my old nutria buddy or this (that I shot almost 100 photos of later that same afternoon):

But Chris, being awesome, grabbed a ladder and when the bag floated in closer, he snagged it for me. I'm sure he knew I'd be out there all day if he didn't help. Wasn't that nice of him??
: )

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Shek said...

thanks for stumbling into my blog. I have one for jacksonville only.
Those are some good shots of the bird.