Monday, January 26, 2009

thing two!

Yes, yes I took them with my cell phone again. It's faster than pulling out the big camera, taking the photos, uploading them, photoshopping them, and then putting them up here. So you get slightly crappier photos... but faster!

I'm not entirely sure what thing two is going to be... I was thinking scarf, but good grief, it takes forever! I've been knitting this since Thursday night! Of course it took me a year to cast on because I couldn't really remember how and book photos aren't always the best...

I actually saw this awhile back. I think I got to it from Myriam's page... what I would give to knit like her! But my thought is I might do my own version of that scarf. Obviously mine isn't a tube... but I'm thinking that I might wrap it around my neck and put a button on it. That way it can be shorter than a true scarf but still keep my neck warm and be cute!

Think it'll work?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

thing one and thing two

At last! The photos I promised of my fun needles!
Here they are shown with thing one in it's early stages. I actually went to the knitting meetup on Wednesday this week and finished most of it... and learned how to bind off! So now it's off the needles! Weeeee!
Next I'm going to fold it in half and learn to seam the sides. Then one of the fabulous women from the knitting group gave me the perfect toggle button which I am going to add along with perhaps an i-cord loop for a closure. What is it going to be?? A bag for my Magellan GPS!! Perfect! I actually get to make something I NEED out of my first ever knitting thing!

And now I have started thing two. I haven't taken any photos yet but I'm now the proud owner of TWO pairs of needles and FOUR skiens of yarn! Woohoo!

Knitting is addicting...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My knitted "thing"

Katie called her first knitting project a thing and I like that... because first knitting projects definitely resemble "things".
I took a couple photos with my real camera this weekend but I haven't put them on the computer yet. I did take a photo last night with my phone though so I thought I'd share my thing!

Sorry about the quality of the photo... remember it's with my phone. And I'm sure it doesn't help that there is a bunch of plant junk around it too.
But I'm moving right along! I only do a few rows at a time because my hands start to hurt... my mom thinks that this will help strengthen them. I think I'm just gripping the needles too much. My first few rows were crazy tight! Don't worry though... I've loosened up!
: )

I'm going to another knitting meetup tonight! Yay!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm going to learn to KNIT!
I joined a knitting meetup group and tomorrow will be my first event with them. Yay!

Yesterday after work my friend Rhonda and I went to a local yarn store, Knit Witz, and got supplies. I got the CUTEST set of needles with little white bears on them. I'll have to take a picture to show you. I'm thinking that hopefully liking my needles will encourage me to use them more!
But the best part about going to Knit Witz rather than a chain hobby store was seeing the examples of knitted stuff... well, that and the personal help we got so we would know the best kind of yarn and size of needle for beginners.
I now know what I want to knit next!
One of the bears from Clare Garland’s new book Knitted Bears. The owner had one there that she had knitted and when we oooohed and ahhhhed over it, she showed us the book! OH EM GEE! Love it!!!!
AND I discovered a knitter's blog who knitted a Shaun the Sheep!!!

I'm getting very excited about knitted stuffed animals now... I wonder how long it will take me before I'm able to do something like that though. I want to do it NOW! : )

Anyway, so someday you might see some photos of knitting stuff from me! Weeeeee!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Baseball and Karaoke?

Just a quick note...
I don't shoot people!
I shoot animals...
So keep that in mind if you happen upon my website and you happen to click on "Online Ordering" and then just randomly decide to look at the only non-furrie related event listed there.

I have been roped into shooting high school baseball boys... not playing baseball... but singing karaoke. It's a fundraiser and my boss at the park has a son on the team.
I hope it stays light enough for the photos this afternoon.
And I hope that the photos come out well.
And I hope I don't freeze my tushy off because today of all days is when it has finally decided to be cold out. It's 58 out there!!!
I'm nervous.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tis the Season!

Okay... so it's not really the season for sunflowers. But my sister and I made sunflower cupcakes from my Hello Cupcake book anyway. I suppose we could have made the penguins or something else wintery but these were what my sister wanted to make. They were fun! And Chris' coworkers at the fire station loved them so I guess they were tasty as well!

Just thought I'd share the cupcake fabulousness with you!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!