Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I love shoes...

and I'm bored so I'm going to tell you about my latest shoe purchase.

Now understand that although I have many, many pairs of shoes... I don't tend to spend ungodly amounts of money on a single pair. I don't have any Manolo Blahniks and I couldn't put a down payment on a home via shoes and purses like Carrie Bradshaw (although I've also been on a purse buying binge lately as well and I wouldn't mind a pair of MB's).

These might now take the cake as my most expensive pair o' shoes:

Did you notice that the soles are blue?
They are Cynthia Rowley's Tinsel Bridal shoes and...
They are to be my "something blue" for my wedding!
I ordered them this weekend and they should be here by next week. I do so hope they don't kill my poor tiny feet.
And I figure if, after the wedding, I find that I don't have much occasion to wear white shoes... well, they are dyeable! So I can make them any color in the world! : )

Besides, my dad always said I shouldn't buy cheap shoes because you get what you pay for.
In this case, my feet better not hurt... because I paid with an arm and a leg!


kitkat said...

Those are absolutely adorable!

Elsa said...

They are cute and I LOVE the "something blue" aspect. Very clever!

P.S. I did google the shoes and saw the price. Like you, these shoes would definitely be the most expensive shoes I owned...or ever owned...or ever will own :)

ivestress said...

I LOVE these!!! Comfort is so important - I'm so glad I bought cute, dressy, really comfy sandals for my wedding... it made such a difference!

I'm so glad to see your blogging frequently again! I saw the link to your blog reappear on Katie's blog, which I regularly read, and was so excited! Sounds like your wedding plans are going well - I just love the zoo idea! Hope you are well, friend! :)

Tracy said...

Thanks girls... I loved the shoes too. But, as you'll see from today's blog, they aren't going to happen. : (

Yeah, my shoes will probably not be comfortable... unless I wear my running shoes!
It's good to see you! Are you posting again? I'll have to go look...

Cynthia Rowley said...

Hi Tracy! Thank you for mentioning my Tinsel Bridal shoes in your blog. Have a great day! Cheers, Cynthia Rowley