Friday, April 30, 2010

April News

Books I read in April:
All by Angie Sage... all in the Septimus Heap series, which I actually started with Magyk last month. LOVED them. And I can't wait for the 6th book, Darke, to come out. I seem to be unable to find a release date for it though...
I know there are fewer books than usual but it has been a busy month. Silly me didn't write this post in draft as the month went on though so who knows what I will remember.

I signed up for yet another 5 weeks of circuit training. I haven't lost any weight but I'm maintaining (yet I think I'm eating a bit more too) and I'm definitely stronger.

I'm still knitting... and still unable to show you any of it. I made another baby item and I also made a camera cozy for my mom for Mother's Day. I can say that because even if she happens to read this, she knows it's coming because she asked for it. Last year I made her one for her GPS so now she wants one for the camera too. My sister said that while our mom was staying with her, she (mom) used the GPS cozy for her camera all the time. So anyway, I won't post a photo (yet) because even though she knows what it is, she doesn't know what it looks like!
I just started a hat with my beautiful Violet Manos del Uruguay. I haven't taken any photos but this is a picture I took of the yarn:

We got another dog. Yes, a 4th dog has been added to the furrie family. I need to post photos and his story on my pet photography blog. I hope to do that this weekend and so you'll have to check there for more info. I'll tell you this though... I discovered yesterday that if I scratch his back back by his tail, his mouth opens and closes and his tongue flaps around. It's hilarious! And speaking of the pet photography, I am currently editing two shoots and have two more sessions this weekend! Keeping busy for sure!!

I also started a "new" job. Some of you may know I worked for the National Park Service for fours years until last Fabruary when I got a promotion and moved over to US Fish and Wildlife. I liked it there but I missed the park so when I got the call from my old supervisor letting me know they were advertising, I jumped at the chance to return. It's another promotion for me and now I'm also in a "real" office with a door AND a window! Yay! I love being back and they are happy to have me! : D

And the biggest news of all... I got a new car!! My very first new car EVER!
I've been driving my 1997 Honda Accord since 2002 (and before that I drove a 1987 Honda Civic that had been my dad's until I turned 16 in 1991 and took it from him). The Accord was quite cute in her day... two doors, spoiler, sun roof, manual... but over time the paint was splotchy and faded; the cloth ceilings were coming down around me; the tinted windows were bubbling; and the worst part since I'm in Florida, the a/c didn't like to work when it was really hot out. Oddly, it was fine and blew nice cold air as long as it wasn't over 75-ish outside...
Anyway, she had over 165,000 miles on her and even though I probably could have driven her a bit longer I decided it was time to start looking around. I did my research and hemmed and hawed for more than a month... and I found something that I really like!
I went to the dealership yesterday and test drove... and bought... a Mazda 3 i Touring in Silver. Manual transmission... and I'm having a spoiler put on!
They didn't have one on the lot so right now I'm driving the same car but automatic and without the spoiler. They are getting my car from another dealer today and should get the spoiler in tomorrow. I'll be able to pick it up either tomorrow or Monday! Weeeeee!!!
You know I'll be taking photos as soon as I get it!!!

That's it for now. I might have to update before the end of May... : )

Sunday, April 04, 2010


I can't believe March has already come and gone!!

Stoneheart - Charlie Fletcher
Ironhand - Charlie Fletcher
Silvertongue - Charlie Fletcher
Gods Behaving Badly - Marie Phillips
Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan
Magyk - Angie Sage

I'm afraid I can't share any of my finished or current projects (other than the sock which I haven't gotten any further on since last month) because they are all baby related and I don't want my sister to see them before I actually give them to her. So you'll have to wait in suspense or stalk my Ravelry page (although I don't even have photos there just yet) if you happen to be a member.

I am continuing with the circuit training at my amenity center. I finished the first 5 weeks and signed up for another. I'm not losing any weight... and at one point I thought I was even gaining... but I'm definitely getting stronger! Maybe my body likes being around 130-ish even if I want it to be around 125-ish. Oh well.

I have also been to the doctor twice this month. I am having terrible (and unsual for me) allergies this year. I have been on two different antibiotics for sinus infections. I sounded like a dying frog for about a week. And now I'm also on a prescription strength antihistamine. Bleh.

I went to an art show... although it was technically in April but I'm a little late getting this post up. We bought some artwork by both Ed King and Phil Fung. Here's one of Phil's prints that we purchased called Bodhi Tree:

Oh! And one last mention... if you haven't already seen it. I was interviewed by a producer from our local PBS affiliate back in January for a show called 9 to 5 which features people with unusual/interesting jobs. He recently let me know that I could view the piece on his YouTube page... so if you would like to see it too, it's here.

Now I'm off to crawl back into bed and relax. Hope you all had a wonderful March!! : )