Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finished Knitting!

I finished a couple things this weekend... so I have to share of course!
First I started AND finished a catnip mousie. It was from a pattern that my swap partner sent me (see previous post)... I decided it was time to quickly make one after I caught Clementine playing with my knitted bracelet!
It was super quick and easy... and it's cute!

Plus, as you can see, the cats liked it!

Do you see who is poking her head out of the tube behind Uni?
Clementine wanted the mouse! I think I'm going to have to make a second one so they can each have their own... and not wrestle over this one!

And the other finished object is a seed stitch scarf! I made it for Chris and he loves it! Yay! He'll be able to wear it when we go to KC for Christmas...

Now I have to figure out what I want to make next! I'm thinking I need to go back and finish my sweater...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ravelry Swap

I joined my first ever swap on Ravelry this month and was part of a Summer Swap. I had a great time researching my partner and finding things she would like. I even managed to finally get the box in the mail this morning before running errands with my husband. When we got home...

Chris was making fun of me the whole time because everything I unwrapped I squealed over! He was amazed at how well my partner, MuddyMoose, knew me!
Wanna see my stuff??
: )

How cute is the message on my box?! I almost got yelled at for “ordering” something… and then he saw the note!

LOOK at all these cool things!

There are two cookbooks… cupcakes and ice cream ! My tummy is rumbling just thinking about it!
Also Yarn Harlot’s book, Things I learned from knitting. I got daisy print AND cupcake print baking cups… now I have no excuse not to start in on the recipes in the cupcake book right away! And MuddyMoose handmade the cutest coasters and tea towel/napkins!
There is an adorable spool of ribbon with flowers which I love! And button pins from Ravelry… one with BOB!!!
A cookie cutter in the shape of my favorite food, an ice cream cone! A bag of buttons! Cute buttons! Dogs and flowers and such…
A tiny bracelet that is perfect for my tiny wrist, mini note cards, a wine bottle stopper, a tin for my button collection (which keeps growing and growing!), magnets, cupcake paper and pencils, a sample skein of recycled yarn and a sample skein of handspun (I’d love to be able to spin someday!!), and ice cube trays shaped like lemon wedges (I can’t wait to make lemonade and freeze it in those trays!).
There was also #3 bamboo needles and 2 skeins of Sugar n’ Cream yarn (hot green and hot blue) to make the summer dishcloth patterns she sent as well!
More patterns for a garden bracelet and, MuddyMoose didn’t leave out my babies, a pattern for catnip mousies! Yay! Maybe I can wrestle my first knitted toy away from Clementine with the temptation of one of these!

More photos!

One more thing! Last but certainly not least!
TREATS for my puppies! They are her dogs’ favorite and I can smell why! lol…
You can see that mine love them too!
Everyone at attention:




MuddyMoose did FANTASTIC!
I know there are a thousand exclamation points in this post but that’s exactly how I feel!
: D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Books and TV

Just finished:

Starting at lunch today:

Will need to purchase asap:

My new favorite show... Joni and Justin let me borrow Season 1:

And this came out yesterday... since I'm addicted, I'm going to try to stop and grab it after work today:

I'm so upset that this is all there will be... two seasons. Hmph. I can't believe it got cancelled!! It's AMAZING!

On a happy note though... Harry Potter 6 is coming out this weekend!! Weeee! I'll wait awhile to see it so I don't have to deal with a packed theater but I'm super exited! Woohoo!

EDIT: So I ran from my car into Target in the pouring rain... only to discover that PD Season 2 doesn't come out until NEXT Tuesday. *sigh*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hot scarf!

I made a farrow rib scarf for my dad... ironically, the day it arrived in the mail for him it was 100 degrees outside!
We're all going to Kansas City for Christmas this year so I wanted him to have it before Christmas Day... I almost kept it for myself! The yarn is super soft and such a pretty navy blue. But it will look fantastic on my dad and hopefully he really likes it and isn't just saying he does!

And speaking of Kansas City, I just got back from visiting my sister and her husband there for the holiday weekend! Joni and I went out to a LYS (local yarn store) while I was there called The Studio. It was HUGE! Of course I bought some yarn... Noro! I took photos but I haven't uploaded them yet so you'll have to wait. The girls from my knitting group saw it last night and loved it! Yay! I did good!
I also bought some yarn for my Ravelry swapee... this is the first swap I've ever been in and I'm having a lot of fun picking things out!
Joni bought some yarn too. I retaught her how to knit while I was there. A coworker had shown her a year ago. She was probably halfway done with a garter stitch scarf when I left! : )

And now I'm off to read. I'm reading Inkheart which I bought in KC when I finished my library book that I had taken along. I'm enjoying it alot!