Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hannah Montana

is coming to Jacksonville.
Chris and I wanted to get tickets for Hannah (his daughter who is 8 and loves Hannah Montana)...
Her birthday is January 11th and the show is January 30th. Perfect gift!!
The tickets went on sale Saturday at noon so we were trying... as were my sister and her husband. We figured they would be near impossible to get but we thought there might be a chance we would get lucky.
Yeah, right.

I would like to throw some hate on the people who joined the fan club just so they could then sell the tickets for thousands of dollars. People who don't give a rat's ass about seeing the show... people who just want the money.
There are those of us who actually wanted to take a CHILD to the show.
And we saw the tickets on ebay... before they even went on sale to the public. You people are jerks. With a capital J.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Tracy. You'll have to start listening for radio station giveaways I guess :(

I hope you guys are having a merry Christmas anyway!

Tracy said...

Yeah but I don't know if any of them are giving tickets away. I haven't heard anything so far...
Ah well. She'll live.
I'd probably go crazy in a stadium full of screaming children anyway.

Elsa said...

So sorry - that stinks.

I have joined fan clubs so that I could get tickets early - but I ACTUALLY GO to the concert - I never do it to sell the tickets. It's a great way to be able to buy tickets to a concert during the "presale" - ahead of the public. This way, you're almost assured of getting a ticket and at the price Ticketmaster charges. Usually it's about $40 to join a fan club - a real bargain when you compare to the ticket prices on the secondary market. I've done this a few times - most notably with U2 when they were touring a couple of years ago. The tickets were really expensive from Ticketmaster, BUT they were going for 3 or 4 times on eBay.

Tracy said...

Ooooh... U2. I'm jealous!!
Achtung Baby is one of my mostest favoritest albums ever!