Monday, December 31, 2007


I love dogs.
Good thing since I've been watching four of them!
So I used my brand new camera (!!!!) to get some photos this weekend!

This is Kody. Chris thinks he looks like he belongs on a Harley. : )

And this is Macy. She's a poser!

Biscuit was the only non poodle... and he's supposedly a poodle/chihuahua. He doesn't really look like either...

And then Molly. Molly is the hardest to get good photos of... I'm not sure if it's because she never wants to hold still for me or if it's because of her black fur. It's probably a combination of both.
Plus I need to get a flash other than the one built into my camera. It stinks. I need a bendy flash so I can eliminate that crazy glow that animals get in their eyes when the flash hits them.

I also want a macro lens because I love taking flower photos.
And I should probably get lens hoods because they, from what I've been reading, do a good job of protecting the lens.
This could get expensive. : )

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