Sunday, July 27, 2008

More kitties

Cats are hard for me... I'm trying to practice though. I think I just need a better lens. I hate using the built in flash on my camera... it bounces off their eyes and looks horrid. I really just need the 580EX flash with a diffuser but I don't have $500 to spend on it right now. Hopefully soon...
So anyway, these are a few recent ones...

This is Tigger. She's a riot... she loves to tease you by coming over and rubbing a bit on your hands, but as soon as you try to pet her... WHAP! She smacks you as hard as she can with her paws. It sounds mean but it's really kinda amusing... only because she has no claws.
When I emailed this one to her mom, she replied that it was the best photo she'd ever seen of Tigger... who always closes her eyes for pictures! : )
Because of the forementioned dilemma, I set the camera on the floor to get this shot. I couldn't handhold the camera at the slow shutter speed but I didn't want to use the flash.

This is Tigger with the flash. I attempted to work on the eyes in photoshop though because they were all crazy blown. I thought it looked much better but I'd still rather just not need the flash... or be able to bounce the flash.

And this is Deuce. He's a giant sweetie pie... no smackage from him!
He loved sitting on my lap and getting lovin'. I left with more fur on me than I think he had on him! : )
In case the towels behind him didn't give it away, I took this in the bathroom. There was a huge window in there that let in just enough light that if I didn't breathe, I could get a shot without a flash. Whew.

I have so much to learn... and I'm really looking forward to practicing.


Anonymous said...

Tigger's teasing and swatting behavior reminds me of a cat at our former vet's office. It was "The Cat Doctor"'s office, so there were a few kitties that just roamed the office. One was so cute, and she'd come up like she wanted to be petted, but nope. She'd swat at anyone who tried.

The photos look great, by the way.

Tracy said...

My vet has an office kitty too. She's the fattest white cat I have ever seen. I always have to pick her up and pet her when I'm there... and then I leave all furry. It's fun!

I wish you were still here so I could take photos of YOUR kitties. Come visit... and bring them along!

Jennifer said...

I love the pics, Tracy! Great shots... I'm so glad I've found your blog! I'll keep an eye out for posts :)