Thursday, July 24, 2008

Furrie Fotographie

I bought my domain name!!!
Now I need to figure out the rest of it... and my sister is going to help me build my website because she's an IT guru!
: )

And I got my registration paperwork for the pet photography workshop I am going to in September. I can't wait to fill it all out and send in my deposit this weekend! Woohoo! I keep up with Jamie's photography on Cowbelly's blog and she is amazing. I can't wait to learn from her!

I also have a time set up for next weekend to take pictures of my co-worker's two golden retrievers. They are gorgeous and will be fabulous practice... especially since they are incredibly hyper. It will be fun to play with them and attempt to wear them out just a wee bit before getting started with the camera.
Plus, I gotta figure out how to put together an online portfolio before the workshop!

Lots going on...
hope all is well with each of you!


His suzy said...

Yea! Things are really moving along for you! I hope you can share some of the pictures you take of the retrievers. They always look so pretty/handsome to me. :)

kitkat said...

I'm so proud of you, Tracy. Things really sound like they're coming together for you, and I'm glad you decided to go to the workshop after all. Strangely enough, I'm started to think twice about the workshop I said I'd go to. Maybe because the deposit is non-refundable :(

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Congrats on your own domain name!!

That's soo awesome that you're going to Seattle in September--be sure to bring long sleeves with you :) You will need it in the morning, but it gets really nice during noon time :)

I checked out the Cowbelly website, and her stuff is awesome!! I looove pet photography too :) Well, my pets mainly--lol ;-) When I have a doggie bday party next time--you're definitely invited :)

Tracy said...

Yay HS! They really are! I'm so excited about it all...
And I'll definitely share the photos of my coworkers dogs. They are gorgeous and I really hope that I can do them justice! : )

Katie... thank you so much! I'm really glad too. I honestly think I'm really going to get so much more out of it than I could on my own. It will be worth the money!
Don't start doubting your workshop. It will be a wonderful experience and I'm sure you'll meet some neat people. It will be nice to have other people who love writing to share with...

Corinna, thank you! Oh, and thanks for the reminder that it's cooler in Seattle. I tend to forget that it's not as sweltering everywhere else!
A doggie party sounds awesome! I can't wait!