Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apple in a bag...

I'm going to be submitting this, among other photos, to Trendy Camera Straps' first giveaway contest! We'll see if any of my shots get picked for voting. If so, I expect all of you to go vote for me!
Posting this here makes me even more aware that I need to figure out how to use Blogspot so that my images are big. Anyone know how to do this?
Isn't Apple cute?!?!?!

Here's another photo I'm probably going to submit: I'm a shoe hooker so, trust me, there are tons more! I have three other pairs that I have shots of... and two or three others that I think I'll work on tonight. The submission deadline is Thursday!

Oh, and I ordered a Shootsac last week... and a Giddy cover! I'm really hoping I can use it on my shoot with the Goldens this weekend! Yippee!


His suzy said...

Those shoes are so cute! It makes me wish I could manage to wear heels. lol

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

ooh..good luck! And how fun that you got the "Giddy" shootsac!! I'm thinking of getting one too b/c it closely aligns to my "yellow and black (and green)" color branding ;-)

Good luck on winning the Trendy Camera Strap :)

PS - I use photobuckets.com to make my pictures bigger :) Everyone close to me had been telling me to do it since last year, and I finally just broke down last month and started posting big pictures ;-)

julie Socher said...

WOW! How cute! She looks so cute in that pink bag! Like a little diva. Haha!