Saturday, July 12, 2008

honeymoon post #2

I bought a bag of sunflower seeds for the birds hanging around our cabin... but this cute little chipmunk found them one morning!
(I know the shots are kinda far away but I didn't want to scare him... you can click on the small photo to see it bigger...)

Hee hee... look at his fat little cheeks!

Oops, he saw me... and off he ran!


His suzy said...

I love little critters like that! It's why I used to buy peanuts for the squirrels in my old apartment. :)

Tracy said...

I'll have to post photos of my squirrels. They discovered my bird feeder... which was fine when they were eating the stuff that had fallen. Not so fine when they start jumping up on the feeder and pigging out.
I bought some wildlife corn though so I'm hoping that will distract them.