Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm back and

I wish I could dance.

I know that sounds strange. And it has nothing to do with my honeymoon at all. It's the TV show that I got sucked into halfway through the season last season and have been watching all of this season.
So You Think You Can Dance.
I love it.
I miss dance.
I took ballet, tap, and jazz for 14 years. Yes. 14.
But it's been ages now... and I have a love/hate relationship with dance shows. I love this one though. LOVE it. And hate it a little because I'm too old to be on it. Or try to be on it. Or really to do that kind of dancing anymore. I know, I'm only 33... but I used up my allotment of knee usage already. They creak. Seriously. When I go up the three flights of stairs home, they make noise. But I was a catcher for many years (still am on occasion) and all that dance didn't help either.

Anyway, I DVR the show every week and I'm slightly behind. I watched two weeks ago's shows last night... and you better believe I'll be watching last week's shows in the next couple days.
And yesterday I emailed a dance company in town to get information... they offer an adult ballet class. I still have my pointe shoes!
Maybe I can dance.

ps. I'll write about my honeymoon later. : )


His suzy said...

Welcome back! I bet you can still dance. :)

Bearette24 said...

I'm curious about the adult ballet! Let us know how it is if you go :)

kitkat said...

Did I know you danced? Hm. Adult ballet sounds great. I too am thinking of getting back into something--music. They have community bands all over, and I have my flute...I think it's a sign that you're posting about this :)

By the way, I love So You Think You Can Dance! I haven't been watching it as much as I'd like because we got Netflix and Rich always wants to watch a movie.

Tracy said...

HS- Thanks... I am hoping. I suppose you don't really lose rhythm... but I feel like I've lost flexibility for sure.

B- I definitely will. If I decide to do it, the fall classes start in September.

Katie- I don't know if you knew or not. I danced, played in orchestra, took photography. I loved artsy stuff!
You should definitely look into the community band. One of my friends at work plays in one and they have concerts and everything!

I got an email back today... she thinks the adult class would not be challenging enough for me and suggests an advanced ballet class. My big worry is that it would be 17-year-olds and I certainly don't have my 17-year-old body anymore... not only am I a bit bigger... but I have creaky knees.

Tracy said...

Oh!! You gotta watch starting soon... I think they are getting rid of some of the people I didn't think were as good... and the choreography has been cool. I love Mia Michaels' stuff!!!

Mia said...

Gosh I love that show too. Unfortunately I haven't done any dance since I was about 11 (except for in the privacy of my own home) :) I really should go to some classes for adults, just for fun.