Thursday, March 27, 2008


Oh crud. I changed my mind a little.
It's probably not going to happen. But how cool would it be?? Almost as cool as... Australia. Almost.


Elsa said...

Nice!! I've been to both places and love them both...especially Paris - I think its the "romanticisn" of it :)

Tracy said...

I would love to try to remember some of my french from school too! I took it for four years, three from a woman from France. My accent is good but I can't remember enough anymore. I'm old.

Now I just need Chris to get a passport. And I won't change my name right away so I can use mine.

I don't really want to change my name at all but he doesn't like that one bit.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I wasn't going to comment on this post until I read your comment about the name changing (rant coming)--it's YOUR name. It's not like a bank account or a condo. It's how you identify yourself. Therefore, it should be your choice. Tell him that if he doesn't like that you have different names, then he can change his.

Don't tell Rich, but I sometimes wish I had kept my name :(

And if Chris doesn't take you Australia soon, I will! I really want to go there too. Sometimes Navy peeps get stationed there, but that's a longshot.

Tracy said...

I don't want to change it... not really. But I think in the end I compromised and said "all our kids" would have the same middle name. Aukerman.
: )

The main reason I want to keep it is because it'll be gone. My dad was an only child and he has two girls. My sister changed her name (to SMITH!) and now... well... you get it.

You know, I don't think I know your maiden name. I didn't know you before you were mawwied.

Yay! Let's go to Australia!!!

Anonymous said...

Check out my facebook name! That'll tell you. I put that on there so people from high school will know who I am.

I like the kids compromise. One of my friends was going to do that with her own name--eliminate her middle name and replace it with her maiden name, so there would be no hyphens but she would still be keeping her name. She ended up not doing that though.

Tracy said...

Oh duh. I can't get on Facebook from here but when you said that I pictured my list of friends and I now remember. So I guess I did know.
My sister posted her name like that on there too.

I might do the last name as my middle name thing. It would be too long to hyphenate. But I wonder if I can have two middle names. I feel weird about eliminating my middle name completely. ha ha!

Anonymous said...

You could have two middle names. Check out Kiefer Sutherland's full name:

I think if I had kept my maiden name as my middle name, I would use it more often than I use my current middle name.

Elsa said...

P.S. I kept my last name. Much easier, too.