Thursday, March 27, 2008


These are for Elsa, who is shopping for a small but good lil camera!

I took the following photos with my Samsung Digimax A7... no photoshopping has been done. I tried to pick a variety of different subjects. And times of day. And inside and out.
They are in no particular order though. Just as I came across them. My photo folders on my computer are in complete disarray! : )

Marcellus Wallace in North Carolina with a plate of pancakes... I know you like to take shots of your food! By the way, because Tracy Diet is so old all the pictures of the food on there were taken with this camera as well.

Self-shot. I have a hard time getting these, you know the ones where you hold the camera out with one arm pointed towards yourself, with my Canon. But the Digimax was fabulous for these!

This is DC... at night. The Digimax has a nighttime setting... but you need a tripod or something to set the camera on. I put it on a railing for this shot.

I actually have a lot of flower shots that I took with the Digimax but I couldn't find the folder that had my favorites. This will do I suppose.


Friend's doggie!

Yes... that's me making my evil grin face. Taken in a semi-dark restaurant. Some of the not so good reviews I read for the camera said it didn't do well in darker spaces. I think it's fine. Maybe they didn't know how to use it.

Out the airplane window over Kansas/Missouri. In February. Brrrr...

Another food shot... my birthday cake from 2007.

Honey at the dogpark!

Scaredy dog Apple also at the dogpark.

Little girl I watched while her parents were playing soccer on the same team as my friend Kristen, who I had gone to see play. I got sidetracked. : )

Here she is again.

Marcellus at the Grand Canyon.

More Grand Canyon scenic shots.


So that's all I'm posting but it should give an idea of what that little camera can do. I like to say it's the person behind the camera though so maybe it's just ME that can do so well with the point and shoot. ; )
Probably not. Good luck with your camera hunt, Elsa! Whatever you end up getting, I can't wait to see more shots!


kitkat said...

You should bring the Tracy Diet page back! You know, in your free time....heh. Marcelles Wallace is awesome.

Elsa said...

OMG!!! You are SO sweet, Tracy!!! I'm touched that you went to all that trouble to help me out :)

And I REALLY love the photos - they are fantastic. Very good quality for such a little camera. I really had it set in my mind that I would buy the Sony when it comes out, but now you are making me rethink it. I think I'll take a look at the Samsung and read up about it.

I love your 2007 b-day cake!! And thanks for the pancake photo, too! :) And I love Marcellus Wallace! Do you bring him everywhere you go?

Elsa said...

P.S. And I love the flower pic, too.