Friday, March 07, 2008

For Bearette...

Since you are not tired of my doggie photos, here's another one.
This is Chloe. She's a puggle who lives with my friends, Jimmy and Amanda. Yes, she's one of those new "designer"dogs... but I liked taking pictures of her anyway.
Sorry the photo is a bit dark but we were inside and there weren't a lot of lights on so my flash was freaking her out every two seconds. : )
Isn't she cute though!?!?


Bearette24 said...

Very cute! I patted a dog today - s/he wasn't on a leash.

Elsa said...

Chloe has such an ADORABLE face!

His suzy said...

She IS a cutie! I'll still never understand what the attraction of a "designer dog" is, though.

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Aww.. you're baby is soo cute!! By the way, thanks for commenting in my blog...I had to figure out how I knew you first.. then, ah-hah, Scar is your photog and you probably found me under her blog :-)

Thanks again and love the doggie pictures!!

Tracy said...

Bearette - I have doggie patting problems. If there is a dog, I HAVE to pat it. It's really crazy when I'm at PetSmart because everyone brings their dogs and I want to play with all of them!

Elsa - she does! We hadn't seen her in a few months and she has grown like a weed!

Suzy - I guess people think they are getting the best traits of the dogs. I don't know if that is always true though. Chloe is a good dog but I remember reading an article not too long ago about puggles and the issues that people were having with them.
I'm just glad that Chloe has a good home though. I wish more people were good and patient with their pets!

Corinna - Yup, I found you through Scarlett's page. And I'm snoopy. So I've been reading lots of blogs of strangers lately! Thanks for entertaining me! : )