Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kingsley Heritage Celebration

The goal of the Kingsley Heritage Celebration is to help the local community explore cultural traditions found in modern American society that originated during the plantation period. One of the highlights was the Descendants’ Reunion on February 23, with music, genealogical presentations, storytelling, African dancing and drumming, and descendants reading their ancestors’ letters.
Every year I get to spend the day taking photos for the event and getting paid to do it! Imagine that!
So here are a few of my favorite shots from this year:

The day ended with a sunset performance at the Slave Quarters by the Tallahassee-based African Caribbean Dance Theatre. I took this before the performance while the group was getting ready behind the slave cabins. I did a bit of photoshopping on it, making the background black and white so that the drummer would stand out in his eye-popping red. Do you guys like it? Or is it kinda cheesy?
More photos from the actual performance follow.

This little girl was part of 100 Youth Inspirational Voices from the Stage Aurora Theatrical Company. I couldn't resist getting a few shots of her. She's not only super cute but she had her mouth open so wide while singing!!

Deborah Strahorn of the Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia was telling her stories in the barn. One of them was about a cat who kept changing colors until he finally realized that he liked the color he was supposed to be. After storytime, the kids got to pick different colored cats and decorate them. This little boy's cat was awesome... I love all the googly eyes!
These little girls were cute as can be too! Love the glittery cats!
KHC used to take place one weekend in October every year but this year it was moved to February. There was an event each Saturday leading up to the big deal on the 23rd. If you missed it this year, you should try to check it out next year! If you live in the area...

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Bearette24 said...

I like the googly-eyed cat :)

I think the black-and-white background helps make the picture more dramatic.

Elsa said...

Very cool! And I also like that black & white background - very professional.