Monday, April 28, 2008


Uni, Unice when she's in trouble or when I just feel like elongating her name, loves the tube my mom got her last summer. She's hard to take good pictures of because she's not allowed outside (except the patio... and then only if we are there too) and when the flash goes off inside, she squints. So here is my shot of her sans flash. Just close to the window and with a slow shutter speed. : )


kitkat said...

Today I saw a photo album a friend of mine had made for her son, and I thought of you. Apparently, there's this photographer that comes and spends a day with you (and your kid(s), pet(s), etc.), and basically captures "a day in the life" and puts it in album form. My friend liked the idea because it wasn't a bunch of posed photos; there were pictures of her changing her baby, for example. It looked really cool, and I thought that you could do that kind of thing once you start your furry fotographie business :)

Flaire Weddings and Events said...

Thanks for my blog comment -- this picture is so cute!! How many pets do you have?

We've got one dog and one cat and they are almost too much for me to handle these days with one little guy in the mix too... =)

Tracy said...

Cool Katie! That's a great idea. First I have to find out what is wrong with my camera... I'm becoming very frustrated!

Cassandra... we have two dogs and a cat. All the other animals belong to other people. I just like to take pictures of them! : )
I don't think I knew you had a little guy! Hee hee... I bet he's cute!