Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dancing with the...


Chris and I had our first dance lesson last night at the Wedding Dance Studio. It was so fun!!! We are learning the Viennese Waltz... whew!

Our first class was with Tiffany, who will be our regular instructor, and Eddie, the owner. They were fabulous teachers and luckily we are picking things up fast. Chris was worried because he's not a big dancer... that's why we actually decided to take lessons. But he did great and he never even stepped on me or ran me into the wall!

We have our next lesson on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to it. I also love our first dance song... which I won't reveal just yet. But it is perfect for us! Chris says he might cry during the dance... hee hee. Oh... maybe I shouldn't laugh. ; )

On a different note, I also finally got my cake knife and server. I was having a hard time finding a set that I liked. Many of the simpler ones were really expensive. So I then saw one that was all crazy handmade with beaded handles... also expensive and a little more ornate than I thought I would get... but at least it was different. However, in the end, we decided against that one too. Then my sister found a very simple set at Crate and Barrel that was also extremely inexpensive! I think it's probably because it wasn't toted as a "wedding" cake server set. It's just a dessert serving set. My mom and my aunt both imformed me that they don't even remember what they used to cut the cake at their weddings... it's not really a big deal.
So I ordered the set from C&B and it came yesterday... and I really like it. Simple but pretty. And that's all I need.
Plus, maybe it will get used again. I do so love to bake!

Now I'm looking for a garter. I like this one. I think it will match the pale blue of my shoes. However, I like it enough to not want some guy to run off with it.
Is it wrong to throw it and then (discreetly) ask for it back? Or do I have to buy a second one to throw?
That seems a bit of a waste since who knows if we'll really end up doing the bouquet and garter tosses. Right now we think we will but I don't know that we really have many single people coming to the wedding... other than the little kids.

Off to work for the day...


His suzy said...

I've seen on more than one occasion where the groom throws a different garter than the one the bride actually wore, probably for the same reason you gave. So I'd say go for it, if that's what you want to do!

And good luck with the dancing! :)

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Tracy!

Thank you so much for stooping by and commenting on my blog. you made my day! It is so nice to meet you!
:) Melissa

Elsa said...

I really like the serving set and it's so inexpensive! I agree with his what you want to do and keep the garter if you want. At our wedding, we just used the serving set provided by the place and didn't have a garter since we didn't throw the bouquet.

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Oooh.. that's where we went to get our dance lessons for our first dance, as well! Which is about a year ago.. and now it's you getting married on the 31st--my husband and I's 1-year anniversary :) Tiffany is sooo patient, and Eddie is just soo good! There was another guy that was instructing us, but I forgot his name..he looked Filipino, but very tall! ;-)

We learned the Foxtrot to Elvis' song, "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You." What's your first dance song?

Tracy said...

Cool! That had to have been a fun dance!

Our first dance song is Annie's Song by John Denver. : )