Monday, April 14, 2008

Play It Forward

I "won" the cutest bag from Sue of Too Cute Pugs last week! I borrowed the picture so you guys can see how fun it is! And perfect for me because I hate plastic bags at the store so it will be much more exciting to have a cute canvas bag as opposed to the plain ones I have now!

Now it is my turn to think of something to offer to YOU!
I debated on offering up some photography... and then I thought about making some photography greeting cards. But I think in the end, I'll do something that more people would be interested in:
I love to bake! So the first three people to comment and let me know they want in on the game will get a goodie box of baked from scratch treats. Make sure to let me know if you can't eat something specific that might be an ingredient... like I have a friend who can't eat my fudge because I put marshmallow fluff in it which apparently has gelatin in it which is made from hooves (I think that's what she said?) and she's a vegan. Or if you are allergic to peanuts, I guess I shouldn't make my infamous peanut butter chocolate bars. But I promise whatever I make for you, it will be tasty!
And then YOU will have to Play It Forward! People do all kinds of things for their gifts... I've seen a lot of art (but I think I had found my way into an artists circle) but you can give whatever you want! : )


Bearette24 said...

That bag is so cute!

I'll pass on dessert b/c I'm trying to be good :)

Tracy said...

Isn't it?!?!

Well, now you've made me feel bad that I picked baked goods. Perhaps little E wants some! : )

Bearette24 said...

Oh, don't feel bad. Everybody likes those :)

kitkat said...

Tracy, you can always send me goodies! I don't particularly want to eat horse hooves (or "connective tissue" etc., per wikipedia), but thankfully I'm able to bury my head in the sand about that. Just like i can pretend that eggs aren't baby chickens.