Monday, November 19, 2007

One less thing...

My sister says I don't need napkins for the cake... she says the zoo should provide them. I'll have to make sure...
Yes, I said zoo.
We are having our reception at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. In the Range of the Jaguar. At night.
AND we are paying extra to have the carousel on!
Everyone thinks that's so great since there are going to be about a billion kids there...
KIDS?!?! Man! I can't wait to have OUR photos taken on the carousel!

So on another note:
I found this woman who makes cake toppers. Her name is Debbie Garrity... and she makes them out of polymer clay. They are very cute...
And the best is that she can make animals. So we'll have the bride and groom... as people... but we'll be surrounded by ZOO animals!
I'm really excited about it because it'll be something neat to have in our house after the wedding as a cute memento of the wedding.
Now I just gotta figure out which animals we want...
I know we have to have a monkey.
And I'd like to have a lion.
She mentioned a hippo which I think is hilarious.
: )

Off to think about something else. I think I'll go watch Because I Said So. It's on HBO OnDemand.

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