Sunday, November 18, 2007


How do you make sure you don't forget anything... leave something important out... when you are planning a wedding?!?! Why isn't there some magical list of things to remember??? I can't even remember things from last week... I'm old and my brain is going fah fah away. I have a giant wedding planner book and I have a file holder thingie with papers and lists galore everywhere... not to mention the spreadsheets on my computer (the ones that Chris sees open and runs out of the office, screaming)...
I'm not worried about remembering the big things... I have my dress and the locations are nailed down... and we have flowers; I won't forget the cake... yum! But what about all the little details?? Argh!
I suppose in the end as long as we get married... that's what people are there for. If I forget the paper napkins for the cake table... ah well. It'll all work out...
But none of that makes me less stressed now.

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