Friday, November 16, 2007


Okay... so planning a wedding is a lot of work. A lot of work.
I wish I was crazy loaded so I could hire someone else to do all of it for me.
But then again, I kinda like coming up with the little detail ideas...

I met with a local florist about a month or so ago. They were very nice and had lots of neat suggestions for my flowers. I was very excited about it.
And then I got the estimate.
Mind you, the estimate came much later than they promised... and I had to call once and email once to finally get it. So that was a bit of a turn off already.
And then I saw the total.
$1500 in flowers. And just bouquets and the such. Not my centerpieces or the church decorations. I'm doing those myself... with plants. Don't want to kill too many flowers if I can help it.

Some things are very important to me as far as the wedding goes... and I'm willing to spend more money on them. Other things die when the wedding is over. Maybe they shouldn't be quite as expensive.
So I did some more research.
It's an online florist.
I read about them... online... on some wedding site or another.
And my friend Sheri, who is in the wedding party, mentioned that she used to order flowers from them for her mom. Not wedding flowers obviously but still.
She said they always came well packaged and were always beautiful.
I checked out the flowers and read about how to care for them. They are delivered 2 days prior to the wedding so they require a bit of work. I had a phone consultation last night with Jessica who was super nice and very helpful.
I ordered my flowers!
$712, all my flowers and even 12 vases later, I'm set!
One more thing to cross off the list.

Next up... cakes!

ps. Yes, I realize I didn't tell you which flowers I got... but some things need to be a surprise!

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