Tuesday, March 31, 2009


a little at a time...
I moved last week!! We closed late Monday afternoon and moved the same day. I was also sick sick sick. It wasn't fun... not only could I not breathe, but I lost my voice as well!
But then my sister came to visit Thursday. She was down in Orlando for work so I drove to pick her up; we even made a quick(ish)stop at IKEA. I'll get into more detail about the house and my sister's visit later.
First, an update on a couple knitted items!
I made another bib for little Katie who is due in May. This was the sequel to the pink bib:

Do you like the horsie button? I got it in the same package as the pig button... and there is a lion (which I need to save for my sister) and an elephant. Oh, and the dreaded giraffe.
I wasn't sure about the green color but then one of the girls in my knitting group said it would be perfect when the baby is eating peas!! : )

And what's this?

Hmmm... what could that knitted thing be??

And I did end up making it a scarf... a wide scarf... but it only took two skeins of yarn. Since it's cotton, it's super soft too!
I wasn't going to post this next photo but then I thought Katie might get a kick outta my shirt. Not baby Katie who received the bib! Adult Katie!

I gave it to Joni. She lives in a suburb of Kansas City so I figured she would get much more use out of it than me...
Yes, she's outside in the sun wearing a short sleeve tee... but it's March and we're in Florida... and I wanted some photos!

Then I got her to work it... show us you love the scarf, Joni!

And a final close up.

I finished my mouse... except for his tail. I've been lazy about taking pictures of it though. If I'd been smart I would have gotten a couple while I was talking the scarf shots. Apparently I'm not smart...

And now I'm tired so I'll have to continue posting later about the house and such... : )


Anonymous said...

yay congrats on closing on your house! Looking forward to seeing some pics of it.

Bib looks good and and what a cute button :)

Scarf looks great too-your stitches look so nice and even. you have picked up the knitting really quick!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, everything came out great! I have two unfinished projects waiting for me. I sort of lost interest in knitting when the semester started and especially now that the weather is a lot warmer. My evenings are busy and scarves suddenly don't seem so important. I'm glad you've kept it up, though.

Congrats on closing on your house! I'm sure that was a big relief. I can't wait to see it for myself in a couple weeks.

And thanks for the KU t-shirt photo :) For a while, all my Facebook friends were posting about KU. It's all they think about there!

Hannah said...

Ah moving when your sick sucks! I know from experience! I hope your feeling better.:)

I love the knitted stuff! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, check your Facebook! I'm thinking of being in Jax Tuesday or Wednesday night next week. Let me know how that sounds. I was thinking dinner and drinks or something.