Monday, January 26, 2009

thing two!

Yes, yes I took them with my cell phone again. It's faster than pulling out the big camera, taking the photos, uploading them, photoshopping them, and then putting them up here. So you get slightly crappier photos... but faster!

I'm not entirely sure what thing two is going to be... I was thinking scarf, but good grief, it takes forever! I've been knitting this since Thursday night! Of course it took me a year to cast on because I couldn't really remember how and book photos aren't always the best...

I actually saw this awhile back. I think I got to it from Myriam's page... what I would give to knit like her! But my thought is I might do my own version of that scarf. Obviously mine isn't a tube... but I'm thinking that I might wrap it around my neck and put a button on it. That way it can be shorter than a true scarf but still keep my neck warm and be cute!

Think it'll work?


Anonymous said...

Well, you could bind it off right there and make it a dishcloth :)

I find that when I'm looking at an instructional book, the pictures are ZERO help at all, but if I just follow the written direction, I'm okay. If that fails, I go online and find a video.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are too kind-trust me i have and have had more than my share of screw-ups.
Your knitting looks great, i am totally impressed. I think your idea with wrapping around and adding a button would work great or if you are feeling even more adventurous then you can sew the two ends together to get the tube.