Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm going to learn to KNIT!
I joined a knitting meetup group and tomorrow will be my first event with them. Yay!

Yesterday after work my friend Rhonda and I went to a local yarn store, Knit Witz, and got supplies. I got the CUTEST set of needles with little white bears on them. I'll have to take a picture to show you. I'm thinking that hopefully liking my needles will encourage me to use them more!
But the best part about going to Knit Witz rather than a chain hobby store was seeing the examples of knitted stuff... well, that and the personal help we got so we would know the best kind of yarn and size of needle for beginners.
I now know what I want to knit next!
One of the bears from Clare Garland’s new book Knitted Bears. The owner had one there that she had knitted and when we oooohed and ahhhhed over it, she showed us the book! OH EM GEE! Love it!!!!
AND I discovered a knitter's blog who knitted a Shaun the Sheep!!!

I'm getting very excited about knitted stuffed animals now... I wonder how long it will take me before I'm able to do something like that though. I want to do it NOW! : )

Anyway, so someday you might see some photos of knitting stuff from me! Weeeeee!


Anonymous said...

I love knitted animals! I want to try someday, but first I need to master the easier stuff. I'm so glad you're going to start knitting. I've spent most of the morning knitting :) It's so addictive. Oh, and I've found some cool knitting charities out there: some make hats for cancer patients, some make helmet liners for soldiers, etc. Very cool hobby! One more thing, I too love my yarn store better than places like JoAnn's or Michael's. The chains are all right, but their selection seems to be of lesser quality than my local store.

I read the post on the other blog a couple days ago! I can't believe you referenced the snake incident. What a time that was.

Hannah said...

That's so exciting you're joining a knitting group. I wish I could knit, tried it once, got frustrated and stopped. Can't wait to see more of your stuff.:)