Saturday, January 24, 2009

thing one and thing two

At last! The photos I promised of my fun needles!
Here they are shown with thing one in it's early stages. I actually went to the knitting meetup on Wednesday this week and finished most of it... and learned how to bind off! So now it's off the needles! Weeeee!
Next I'm going to fold it in half and learn to seam the sides. Then one of the fabulous women from the knitting group gave me the perfect toggle button which I am going to add along with perhaps an i-cord loop for a closure. What is it going to be?? A bag for my Magellan GPS!! Perfect! I actually get to make something I NEED out of my first ever knitting thing!

And now I have started thing two. I haven't taken any photos yet but I'm now the proud owner of TWO pairs of needles and FOUR skiens of yarn! Woohoo!

Knitting is addicting...


kitkat said...

I tried to warn you! That's great that you're going to get use out of your first knitting project. I have way too much yarn right now. I decided to make Rich a scarf (which I hope to finish today), and some friends are having a baby, so I thought I'd try to make a hat and maybe a little sweater or something. Now I just have to try knitting with circular needles--scary!

Tracy said...

Oh! What size needles are you using for the scarf? Is it solid or striped or what? Chris asked me to make him a scarf and he picked out his own yarn, a black and a grey. : )

I actually have four preggers friends right now but I don't dare try to make anything "real" like a baby hat or booties!
I can't wait to see more photos of your projects! Fill me in on how the circular needles go!

I only know the garter stitch now but I think I will get the chance to learn to purl on Wednesday... someone will show me! But first I want to seam that little bag!

kitkat said...

I'm doing Rich's scarf in Navy blue and gray. I'm doing the two colors at the same time (so it's marbled rather than striped). I'm using size 8 needles in seed stitch. I really like seed stitch; once you know how to purl, you can do it too!

I chickened out on the circular needles for now. I have a pattern for a baby sweater, and I'm going to try that even though it calls for a different yarn weight than what I have. I'll do the hat later with circular needles if the sweater comes out okay.

His suzy said...

Those needles are cute!

mairymknits said...

yay! welcome to the club-i am glad you are enjoying it :) Looking forward to your future projects. Those needles are adorable.

Tracy said...

Ooooh... marbled! So do you kinda have two loopies on each stitch if you are holding two strands of yarn?
I looked up seed stitch! Are you doing k,p,k,p and then p,k,p,k? I saw there were a couple different ways of doing it... in case you had even or odd rows and such.

Thanks! I was hoping fun needles would motivate me! I know they are bears but I think they kinda look like dogs! : )

I am having fun! But my index finger is sore today... I'm still knitting tight and I push the needle with my finger a lot. I'm working on it! I know that it's supposed to be harder to knit with bigger needles (I now have a 9 and a 10) but I can't help but wonder if I'd knit looser? Does that make sense?