Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hi. My name is Tracy and

I'm a chocoholic.

: )

Tonight I went to Chocoholics Anonymous at Publix. It was so fun... and even though I think some of my friends missed out, I'm glad that Rhonda and I were the only two that decided to go because we got to share our table with two fun other people, Heather and Lynn! I told Heather all about Furrie Fotographie and I'm hoping she'll let me practice with her grey tabby kitty!

Anyway, here are a couple pictures of the yummy desserts! It was a demonstration class so I didn't actually make anything there... but now I have the recipes!
This flourless chocolate cake with strawberry lime salsa was deeeelish!

And the smores brownies were super yum too! I've made these before but I think this time it was better... probably because I didn't slave over it myself! ; )
This shot is actually Heather's piece... she got the one with the fun marshmallows:

Mmmm... it was all gooooey!

And I had my first glass of cream sherry... I loved it! So I bought a bottle:

Apparently Uni thinks she might like a taste of it too!

And a random not related to the evening shot... I know it's not quite sharp enough but I thought the way the boy and girl cardinals were posed was kinda neat! I love my bird feeder!

I know I still haven't posted the photos from my trip to Fort Myers but I wanted to get these up! I'll post the others asap!


kitkat said...

It's 9 am, and I could totally go for some smores brownies right now. Those perfectly toasted marshmallows look divine!

I kind of miss Publix. We still find things now and again at the house that are Publix brand--like spices or paper plates (things we don't use often).

His suzy said...

Those desserts look insane!

A New England Life said...

Love the shot of the cardinals! I see they are both babies too. What luck!

And the chocolate brownie with marshmallows isn't too bad either ;)