Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More photos from Saturday

I'm going to skip a bunch of my sightseeing photos because I don't want to bore you guys... I'll jump right into the bar scene from Saturday night. Keep in mind, I was at the airport Friday at 9:30 am, I didn't sleep much on the plane, when we arrived in Sweden it was 7:30 am there (1:30 am in Jax). I didn't sleep all day and this is now night time.

We started here. The Ice Bar. It's in the Nordic Hotel in Stockholm. On Saturdays, they take walk ups after 9 pm (normally it is by reservation). They only allow like 15-30 people in at a time and for 45 minutes at a time. It is like -4 in there... Whew. They give you poncho parka things with gloves attached.

I really wanted the bartender's hat:
We were told they work in three hour shifts. Brrrr...
Notice that even the glasses are made of ice!

No, my tongue didn't get stuck (although that might be because I didn't actually lick the vodka bottle...)

Rodney, me, Aaron, and Ivy... through the ice wall...

Time's up... off to the next bar!

(Ivy, Lisa, me, and Whitney)

(Aaron and Rodney)

Alley I stopped to take a photo of on the way. Also talked to a french guy who, too, was taking a photo of the alley... he insisted it was "his alley".

Next bar (I really need Aaron to tell me the names of all the places we went... he's useful like that). This is me dancing and singing with Fredrik and Ulrich. Yes, Swedes!!

The End of Saturday.

If you want to see the touristy stuff... like the buildings and the museums, holler and I'll post that too.


Who's That Girl? said...

The Ice Bar is fucking awesome! I wanna go! Was it cold? (I mean, you guys didn't actually look cold...)
I think I know that girl Whitney...? Did she go to Nease?

Who's That Girl? said...

Oh, and hey, what's on tap for tomorrow's HNT since last week I had to go on my own since somebody was in Sweden! :-)

Jeremy said...

I commented on bloody instant messenger, wench!

That said, very nice. The ice place looks nifty.

Tracy said...

WTG: It was freezing! I kept taking my glove off so I could take photos... I thought my hand was gonna detach itself from my arm and leave.
As far as Whitney and Nease... is that a school? I have no idea where she went to school but I can ask her tomorrow. I am going to lunch with Aaron, Rodney and Whitney : )

Oh, and HNT. I have no idea. I guess I'll have to figure something out when I get home from class tonight. I doubt I take one... I'll have to dig through my photos I already have.
Last week you weren't on your own! I posted the Banana Guard!

J: IM's don't count.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked!


Sticking your tongue out??

Extravagantly hugging another woman???

This is not the Tracy I know!!