Sunday, May 14, 2006

Day 1... which blurred into Day 2

Still in the Jax airport... we had a couple hiccups. First Whitney not bringing her paper ticket with her and then Aaron... umm... not being there. Rodney is on the phone leaving him a message.
Whitney ended up paying for the travel agent to issue an e-ticket for her.
Aaron, who thought we were leaving on Saturday as opposed to Friday, got to the gate as we were boarding.

On the tram at O'Hare...

Going through security again... Martha was the chosen one. Although really it looks as though she is getting her hiney checked out.

The screen on the back of the seat in front of me. It is currently set on camera view from the front of the plane. Exciting view I know.
You could also set it to view from below the plane... which was nice when we were in the air.
I watched movies and listened to music. And didn't sleep even though I should have and everyone else on the freaking plane was... but the guy behind me snored.
PLUS, if I had been asleep I would have missed the discovery of Daim. A basket of candy was brought around and I just picked one, having no idea what any of it was. And found my new favorite candy!!

We are about to board the bus here after getting our luggage. I somehow managed to get all my crap in one checked bag and one carry on. I don't think I have a photo of my luggage on the way back. But I had two checked in and two carry on!!



Who's That Girl? said...

we want more!!!
the security checkpoints suck! I am always the lucky passenger that gets pulled aside and searched!


>Best English voice<
Yes, can we have some more please.

WTG - I wonder why... :)

Who's That Girl? said...

???why? Seriously, please tell me why it is always me?!!? Without fail, shite you not, every dang time! My laptop always get the swipy as well!
I honest to goodness don't use drugs, I've never been into terrorist threats, do I look like a threat to the airport?


Yes, you just have that guilty look in your eye.

I actually talked to my TSA friend in DC about this today. Mainly because every time I go thru Jax security I swear that they always have some chick getting the manual search. However, besides my efforts to convince him otherwise, he assured me that they aren't singling you out because they want to fondle you or otherwise feel you up.

Who knew?

He told me that some triggers are if you pay cash for a ticket, purchase a one way ticket, purchase a ticket < 24 hours in advance, have something in your baggage that was found in the detection equipment, or have an ass you can bounce a dime off of.

OK, I just added that last one. :)

Jay said...

What kind of person doesn't know what day they leave? Seriously, that's crazy.

Who's That Girl? said...

Where the heck are you today?!?!?!

Anon-I am going to print that out and give it to my mother--she's always getting mad at me because she says I am too paranoid about everything. "I look guilty."



I change my mind. You are guilty.

Who's That Girl? said...

:-P Guilty of what?!

Who's That Girl? said...

POST SOMETHING! I am missing you guys!