Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hot scarf!

I made a farrow rib scarf for my dad... ironically, the day it arrived in the mail for him it was 100 degrees outside!
We're all going to Kansas City for Christmas this year so I wanted him to have it before Christmas Day... I almost kept it for myself! The yarn is super soft and such a pretty navy blue. But it will look fantastic on my dad and hopefully he really likes it and isn't just saying he does!

And speaking of Kansas City, I just got back from visiting my sister and her husband there for the holiday weekend! Joni and I went out to a LYS (local yarn store) while I was there called The Studio. It was HUGE! Of course I bought some yarn... Noro! I took photos but I haven't uploaded them yet so you'll have to wait. The girls from my knitting group saw it last night and loved it! Yay! I did good!
I also bought some yarn for my Ravelry swapee... this is the first swap I've ever been in and I'm having a lot of fun picking things out!
Joni bought some yarn too. I retaught her how to knit while I was there. A coworker had shown her a year ago. She was probably halfway done with a garter stitch scarf when I left! : )

And now I'm off to read. I'm reading Inkheart which I bought in KC when I finished my library book that I had taken along. I'm enjoying it alot!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty scarf. I'm still not knitting :( Too much to do right now, but I'm really looking forward to starting again. I hope I'll remember how to do it!

I'm glad you went to the Studio. My friend Leena had a link to it on her blog, and after you mentioned it, I went there to see if it was the same place she linked, and it was. I guess it really is the hub of all things knitting around there.

Anonymous said...

P.S. How's the sweater coming? Have you finished?

Tracy said...

Thanks Katie! I thought it turned out really nice... it was the first time I'd done some more complicated than just garter, other than my mouse which was really small. Now I'm working on a seed stitch scarf and I have a couple other patterns for scarves I want to try. Funny that I'm on a scarf kick living in Florida!
You'll remember... you might need a refresher like my sister did, but you'll remember!

I really went The Studio because I read there was a cupcake store next to it. But stupid us looked to make sure the yarn store would be open when we went but didn't think to check with the cupcake place... and it was closed on Sundays! : (

The sweater is on a break. After I finished the back and front left, I used the needles to make that farrow rib scarf. I need to get to work on the sweater again but I'm lazy...

Anonymous said...

Scarf looks great! You have been knitting away! I am sure your dad loved it :)