Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Books and TV

Just finished:

Starting at lunch today:

Will need to purchase asap:

My new favorite show... Joni and Justin let me borrow Season 1:

And this came out yesterday... since I'm addicted, I'm going to try to stop and grab it after work today:

I'm so upset that this is all there will be... two seasons. Hmph. I can't believe it got cancelled!! It's AMAZING!

On a happy note though... Harry Potter 6 is coming out this weekend!! Weeee! I'll wait awhile to see it so I don't have to deal with a packed theater but I'm super exited! Woohoo!

EDIT: So I ran from my car into Target in the pouring rain... only to discover that PD Season 2 doesn't come out until NEXT Tuesday. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

Those are some good books! i really enjoyed them and the first one was so addicting i couldn't put it down.
Never watched Pushing Daisies will have to check it out.
yay for harry potter i don't think i will make it out this weekend but hopefully next weekend.