Friday, November 21, 2008

I totally want

to do THIS!

I have a hard time imagining myself in my dress at the beach... probably partly because I'm not a beach goer... and partly because I don't really want to ruin my dress. But I would love to go to a fair or... oooh... a PETTING ZOO (!!!!) before I send my fabulous poofy dress off to be cleaned and boxed away forever.
It'll have to wait though. All my moola is going towards our new house right now. Noooo... don't get overly excited. We don't have it yet. But we did find one we really want. Keep your fingers crossed for us. It'll be up to 90 days before we hear...


fuzzykitty said...

yay! I am so happy to hear that you guys found a house! I hope it all works out :)

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

you're so funny! you can certainly "trash" your dress w/o ruining it ;-) I'm glad you enjoy Cassie's trash the dress session :) Maybe, you'll trash your dress when it's close to your 1-year anniversary :) A lot of brides do that to ;-)

Lastly, YAY!! So good to hear that you are doing well w/ your house-hunting :) I wish you the best on that! :)