Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesterday was Dogtoberfest and of course I HAD to go. I took a million photos and petted a thousand doggies... and pointed and laughed at a lot of costumes. It was fantastic fun!
Then I got to have lunch with the girls. Amanda, Traci, Toni and I had a yummy lunch at a little place called Zoe's. They have outdoor seating so we took Zoe and Chloe with us. I can't believe how good they are when we go out to eat with them! I wish my two were so good!!

Anyway... I hope all of you had fabulous Saturdays too! Yay!!

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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Glad you got to go!! I wanted to go so badly, but I was out of poor doggy.. her daddy won't take her unless I was around ;-)

Glad to hear that you had a great time!