Friday, March 31, 2006

Lady at the grocery store... this is for you.

'Tis so much easier to bitch about people who are rude or inconsiderate.

This morning I got up earlier than I would normally because I had an errand to run before work. I stopped at the Publix just down the street since they have a Bank of America atm and I wanted to pull cash to pay for the meds I needed to go pick up from the Student Medical Center. I walk in, kinda quickly... only to realize there is someone who has beat me to the machine.
And she has the world's largest purse.
And she is digging around in it.
And she isn't leaving as I was hoping... but just getting there.
I stand there thinking how lovely this was, since I didn't give myself time to dawdle around, when the woman glanced in my direction and actually said,
"You go ahead."
And moved out of my way!
My smile lit up the entire grocery store as I thanked her, shoved my card in the slot, pushed a few rather loud buttons, grabbed my money and thanked her again as I ran out the door.
She was still digging in her purse.

Someone was nice to others!!

yes, I have a second nice story... I won't tell you about the horribly long wait to pick up my meds or the incredibly rude driver on the road in front of me, both of which made me 15 minutes late for work...

I didn't bring my lunch to work today. I try to bring it more often than not. But I decided I would have a happy meal today... yes, Jeremy, McDonald's is bad... but happy meals make me happy. And I got a girlie troll (with huge yellow hair) in a dress to add to my shelf at work.
On the way back from McDonald's, I had to swerve around a giant mud turtle! You know, those huge, kinda flat ones with the scary, long, pointy faces...
And he was alive! Just moseyin' along across the road.
So, even though he was huge and scary, I immediately pulled off the road and pushed the button for my hazards, hopped outta the car, and began hoofin' it back towards him while dump drunks went speeding past and I prayed no one ran him over before I got there.
I'm almost to him when a pickup truck appears at the end of the driveway right in front of where my turtle is crawling. I was freaking out that he wasn't gonna see the lil guy (now I call him lil even though he was huge... but he was huge compared to turtles, not to trucks) but then he got out of his vehicle too. And he picked him up. And moved him to the side of the road. Which I was grateful for...

See, there are nice people out there.

Now you tell me your nice stories. Today is nice story day. : )


Maki said...

This story made me smile a very big smile.

ClrkGriswald said...

Actually have a very nice story for you - I'm a lucky bastard, in some messed up way, since I get to witness this nice story every Thursday afternoon....

On Thursday, I leave school early & head over to the Beach Blvd/University Blvd. area to get my blood tested and receive my treatment.

The 10-15 minutes after they draw my blood & send it to the analyzer, drives me absolutely, out-of-my-damn-mind crazy because I guess I always expect/fear the worst. (I know, I know - I shouldn't worry/stress!)

Point of my story - there are about 7 nurses there (April, Felicia, Vicki, Jackie, Lisa, Jeanne, Michelle) that go out of their way to calm my nerves - basically just sit and chat with me while I await the results. I joke with them that they must rotate week-to-week because they know and understand how frigging scared I get.

Those 7 nurses are some of the most incredible people I have ever met.

Tracy said...

My mom is an RN... she works for Hospice. I think RN's have to be spectacularly nice. I'm very very happy to hear yours are wonderful!!

I think it is very very sad that no one else has posted nice stories. :(