Friday, March 24, 2006

But I don't like vegetables.

So I don't like veggies. You shoulda seen what my parents went through when I was a kid to try to change that.
It didn't work.
Once they just wanted me to eat a pea. One. One pea. I wouldn't do it. I sat at the table for ages rather than put that green slimeball in my mouth.
They hid the pea in my ice cream.
I ate it.
That tells you something about me.
I hate peas... I love ice cream.
Pea ice cream? Ewwww... but I never knew it was there... somehow.
Maybe my parents made up the story.

The point in me telling you that is I'm starting a new diet.
Sheri and Eric asked me yesterday if my eating habits had gotten any better. They remember the 3 or 4 am drive thru visits to Taco Bell where I would (drunkenly) order a gordita with "ONLY CHICKEN AND CHEESE".
Sheri turns to Matt... another one of the Dallas clan who just happens to now live in Orlando... and announces that I only eat meat, ice cream, and chocolate.
But I'm 5'6"
and (here I will break the girlie rule and announce my weight)
somewhere between 120 and 125 pounds.
Now, granted, I used to be about 110 or 115... but that's a little extreme. I would rather have a wee bit of meat on my bones.
Since the meat, ice cream, and chocolate diet seems to work for me... I think I'll market it to the public. I mean, there are no carb diets and liquid diets... and I think I even heard of some kind of cabbage diet once. So what's wrong with the Tracy Diet?


Anonymous said...

Woman, you look awesome. I don't care what you eat.

Tracy said...

Awww... *blush*
I do admit to a severe dislike for my thighs though... : )

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you're talking about.