Sunday, April 04, 2010


I can't believe March has already come and gone!!

Stoneheart - Charlie Fletcher
Ironhand - Charlie Fletcher
Silvertongue - Charlie Fletcher
Gods Behaving Badly - Marie Phillips
Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan
Magyk - Angie Sage

I'm afraid I can't share any of my finished or current projects (other than the sock which I haven't gotten any further on since last month) because they are all baby related and I don't want my sister to see them before I actually give them to her. So you'll have to wait in suspense or stalk my Ravelry page (although I don't even have photos there just yet) if you happen to be a member.

I am continuing with the circuit training at my amenity center. I finished the first 5 weeks and signed up for another. I'm not losing any weight... and at one point I thought I was even gaining... but I'm definitely getting stronger! Maybe my body likes being around 130-ish even if I want it to be around 125-ish. Oh well.

I have also been to the doctor twice this month. I am having terrible (and unsual for me) allergies this year. I have been on two different antibiotics for sinus infections. I sounded like a dying frog for about a week. And now I'm also on a prescription strength antihistamine. Bleh.

I went to an art show... although it was technically in April but I'm a little late getting this post up. We bought some artwork by both Ed King and Phil Fung. Here's one of Phil's prints that we purchased called Bodhi Tree:

Oh! And one last mention... if you haven't already seen it. I was interviewed by a producer from our local PBS affiliate back in January for a show called 9 to 5 which features people with unusual/interesting jobs. He recently let me know that I could view the piece on his YouTube page... so if you would like to see it too, it's here.

Now I'm off to crawl back into bed and relax. Hope you all had a wonderful March!! : )


Anonymous said...

Tracy, is the "amenity center" some special place or is that just the name of a gym? People will sometimes tell you that if you're gaining weight, it's possibly muscle weight. Well, that's where you should start measuring yourself to be sure. If you're losing fat and gaining muscle, you should still be getting smaller.

BTW, I'm at 140 :( How tragic is that?? I don't know where it came from. I'm a little pudgeball. But, good luck to you on your journey towards getting in shape!

chris! said...

The amenity center is the clubhouse at my community. We have a big pool with a twisty slide and a gym and tennis courts and a really nice volleyball court (wish I knew some people who wanted to play!)... and we have the workout class in a room that they also have meetings in... we just move the furniture!

I need to measure... I actually measured in class at the first or second class in the first 5 weeks so it would be interesting to see what has changed.

You are NOT a pudgeball! And you've been working out too anyway! We are just buff girls!! : )

chris! said...

Ummm... apparently Chris is logged in on blogger on our computer... but this (and the other reply) is actually me...

Anonymous said...

Haha! I was thinking, "Boy, that's cool of Chris to engage me in conversation like that," right up until he told me he was a buff girl :)

P.S. Have you tried nasal cleansing with a neti pot or some just saline spray? It's good for helping nasal passages stay lubed up and for preventing sinus infections.

Tracy said...

Actually I've been blasting out my nose with a warm salt water bottle every night. It's like a neti pot but it's a plastic bottle with a little nozzle and you give it a squeeze and watch the snot flush out in the mirror for extra fun!

It's amazing how much better you feel afterwards.

I'm also on a steroid dose pack to settle down the inflammation in my head. I've been joking with the other fellas at the station that it's helping me with my weight lifting! HAHA!

Tracy said...

Oh crap... opps... this is actually Chris.

We really need to start logging out at the end of our sessions...