Sunday, October 18, 2009


Okay, so it has seriously been like a million years since my last post. I realized how bad it was today when I went to my friend Katie's blog and there were so many posts I hadn't read that I even had to go to the next page... and then I found where she had actually recommended a website to ME! It had to do with knitting with DPN's for those who are curious...

But anyway!
Stuff that's new in my life:
We bought some new furniture! A king sized bed and a fabulous mattress (which better last FOREVER since it cost an arm and a leg) as well as a mongo sectional for the living room. Furniture should be delivered Nov. 14th! And, yes, we got the giant ottoman too! I love ottomans!

We also bought tile just yesterday. A lot of our house is already tiled and we tried our best to find the tile so it could just continue out into our living room but with no luck. Discontinued. But we did find the brand, Florida Tile, and picked another tile with scalloped edges (that was what made it so hard to find something too) that's a gray color with speckles. Our current tile is kinda beige with grey and tan flecks so this will still be the same color family but different. We'll put a border in and then have the new tile at an angle to break up the spaces. And the new tile matches the countertops in the kitchen so that's good too. It was super stressful and we spent more on the tile than I wanted to but in the end I decided that it was worth being done with the stress!
We have a tile guy and hope to have it put in around the first week of November... before the furniture arrives! And then everything will be purty for my parents' visit for Thanksgiving. They've yet to see our new home!
New tile is Florida Tile Mendocino Mist:

On the knitting front... I've been working on a lace scarf and a blanket buddy for various other people. I finished a scarf for me but no photos of it just yet. It has finally cooled down here this weekend (it was 66 at 2 yesterday afternoon!!) so maybe I'll get a chance to wear it!

Still having issues with Max and his allergies. It's been a very long spring/summer with many, MANY vet visits. We have tried various things and nothing works for long. Meds clear him up but then the allergies return when the meds are gone. We switched to a hypoallergenic food but it doesn't seem to be doing anything either although since it has only been 6 weeks of the new food, we'll keep him on it a bit longer. Our next step is allergy testing but he has about another month before they can do that because the meds he was on have to be out of his system. Which means that even though he is all itchy and broken out again right now, he's only on benedryl... and is wearing an old t-shirt of Chris'. Poor guy.

Oh! And Kristen had her baby!! Sean Wyatt! He was a couple weeks early but came out weighing 6lbs, 15 oz and was 19 inches long. I got to go visit in the hospital and even hold him! He's tiny but very cute!

And now I'm off to dig up some lunch. I'll try not to let to blog go for so long next time! : )

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you back! I hope you find that website about knitting with circulars helpful--I sure did. It really isn't as bad as all that, and my first try at it came out exactly how I wanted it.

There's always a ton of work to be done when you first buy a house, but it'll probably slow down for you soon and you'll get to just sit and enjoy it. That is, unless you're one of those people who just likes doing home improvement (not me!). I hope the tiling and the furniture go according to plan!