Friday, August 28, 2009

Mmmm... food!

I just got back from St. Pete this afternoon and all I really want to do is flop down on my bed and snooze with the monsters... but I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow and I'm baking!
Before photos for you!
Pumpkin cupcakes. Recipe from Hello, Cupcake! Going to be making Old Swampy (alligator). Will definitely have to post after photos! : )

And my peanut butter bars:

Ingredients in a bowl. Art. Mmmmm...


Anonymous said...

This is probably the first time I've seen "before" photos of baked goods. It's funny how something so yummy can look so gross in the beginning. How did they turn out?

On a hopefully unrelated note, my word verification is "nause." Like nausea?

Tracy said...

I hope my baking didn't make anyone sick!!
Everything came out yum! Took a terrible photo of Old Swampy at the party... will post it now while I'm thinking about it.

Posted it on TWITTER last night... why aren't I being followed?? ; )